Athene - Hannah Mower

                                                    OLYMPIAN PICTURES


This work is not like VAN GOGH where someone would like to make a fortune, but more like MOZART played by everyone - this is how.

In the Family Page you can see how all can make Pictures. Your child  John - Mary - Jane will have their name on the picture.              


Hannah - Athene  said - My beautiful Tiger must not become extinct or I will never see him when I grow up.


This can be done by anyone for anyone - cousin, sister, child, friend, grandchild - It can be printed to any size you want 4ft x 3ft at the best quality you can achieve and placed on a wall - there is no limit if you want to continue.                                                                             


In the first place Parents and children will love the beauty of the  Pictures and as the subject grows older the series can continue with further pictures.                                                                      


 Professonals can copy the original .


August 2018

Artemis said - As the slug munches through greens so man kills his own kind

Apollo said - The dim mind wrapped in temporal greed will deliberately undermine the value of life

Athene said to leaders of men - You are the scum of the Earth and you will be judged for the filth that you certainly are


Artemis said to the leaders of men - Children starve to death in one part of the world and in another part obesity is a disease. Are you not ashamed, do you not wretch at the stench of your own corruption

Apollo said - The very root of all thought is to keep the divide. No matter what the suffering of those far removed from the privileged circle

Athene said to man - "the poor will always be with us" say those who would hog. If you wish to remain in a grunting world you will acquiesce to life in the swamp


Artemis said to man - If you could aspire to the graciousness of Gods you could better understand your own survival

Apollo said to man - You could be sent to oblivion in an instant, but you live to serve a purpose beyond your shallow thinking

Athene said to man - It takes the energy of the entire universe to service the life on your tiny planet and you greedily waste it


November 2017

Artemis said to mankind - You can only know your journey of life after your span is over

Apollo said to man - You can then remain an atom of memory or choose another span or choose extinction 

Athene said to man - If you are succeeding you might might have the choice of where to live your span until we succeed and take your body, or if we fail - We start again


Artemis said to man - You have this great void at the centre of your being. You don't know what it is or where it came from then it is gone, and you are your self once more 

Apollo said to man - This void is the desire to be like God and to live forever

Athene said - Man is to the Gods as the monkey is to man. Time is not the question for you will not be satisfied - That is your lot


Artemis said to man - You have this wonderful gift of life - what more can you have  

Apollo said to man - You cannot expect immortality to be handed on a Plate to you, just as you are 

Athene said to man - To live your life span upon span is a gift so great. To seek perfection from such base matter is noble in the extreme 


                             THE INTELLIGENT ATOM


 That's a particle of intelligence that exists in all matter organic and inorganic. it exists in the space between matter - it is inside our universe and  outside and has no beginning and no end - it has always been.

I use the word atom because it's a word we understand but intelligence has no mass, has no quality that can be described - it is beyond  measurement.

99% of my intelligence exists beneath my conscious level the 1% that is my conscious intelligence then becomes the 100% of my life - it's a most wonderful curve - one hundred percent, one percent, ninety nine percent. use the hands

This ninety nine percent puts every iota of matter within its exact position and puts the space between - I don't do a thing. I can help to ruin or destroy it but this is what it gives me - my entire existence.

We put a few round pegs into round holes and say me measure intelligece - what we measure is human activity, which is not intelligence the ineffable thing we know little of.                           

As a measure of the human being this round peg is so minute it is hardly visable we will find this out over centuries - as Athene said to man - For the first time on earth a creature can take a hand in its own formation - extinction is not your destiny 


                                        TIME WITHOUT END

                             MY SMALL UNDERSTANDING OF TIME


All time before my span knew nothing of me and for all time thereafter I shall know nothing of and enjoy not one second therein - what I have is this span - this miracle of life in this garden of Eden.

I do not preclude hope not least for myself, all I am saying is that this span will be over - of what will come after I have no Idea.

 APOLLO said to man - There is no need to loose hope one span is over of what is to come you know nothing of and in life - never will know

 Time and Intelligence these two mighty legs go hand in hand for ever I'm sure there are others - Life for instance - I only know of these two.

Imagine existing for ever and forever and forever without feeling - anything.

The Intellegent Atom gives us life - to see how we are            


                                 THE FIRST PRINCIPLE 

All unending time without beginning or without end and then life. Not 100.0001%infinity but 100% life the first principle, and then expansion - forever.

By the end of this century cold fusion will be up and running - the next great Step for mankind but the next great Leap - that is something different C+2 

Well you pick up the handset ' Hello son how are you today'  -- 'Very good mum how are you'. That short greeting took 8 years to the nearest star to our own and back - it's just not on. 

Whatever we find - space time - must become in parralell, two years to Pluto and back we are all two years older. 

This is where the The great Mechanic the great Engineer that is mankind come into their own C+2 

And then the black hole. The centre becomes a little less dense and a little less dense and +3 and +4 and as we skip along the High St Tickity Boo, Tickity Boo - so we skip through the black hole Tickity Boo.                     


                                  OLYMPIAN PICTURES


Hello my name is Phillip Davis I've been making montages since 2004. They are a composite of children who I have known since they were born and endangered animals and birds of prey.

They sit in the picture the head of the Olympian and  the head of the animal, and the Olympian inhabits the physical being of the cat or bird.

The companion picture has the thinking of the Olympian printed on the page, with the cat or their mate in the same pairing.

The beautiful Olympians are Athene - Artemis and Apollo. They will go into several ages from children up to the age of eighteen, and then into young adults in their twenties and then on into their thirties.

The project will take several years to complete and all the models of every age are good friends to me.


I am not in business so I will not be selling anything, these pictures are for the pleasure of me and you.


                                   I HAVE MADE A WILL


The magnificent animals are in sanctuaries throughout the UK - they are all very well cared for.

 I do not belong to any organisation, this is a personal project - work and hobby.

 Thank you     Phillip Davis 


Artemis - Imogen Mower

Apollo - Matthew Mower