Athene Artemis and Apollo

Athene Artemis and Apollo

Athene said if you please me and make me happy I'll let you cuddle my cat - but if you displease me and make me unhappy - then I'll ...

Artemis said - My friend is not for the likes of you - she could become quite snappy

Apollo danced across the ground and said - I bring you light


Athene said - This cat is under my protection and those who harm her may laugh today

But I give you my word - tomorrow they will cry

..and Athene said -- my Cat and I will hunt the slime

Who dare to kill such Beauty

..and Athene said to the misbehaver - Don't think that my cat can be trifled with

She has the rage of all the heavens at her ready fingertips

..and Artemis said - My Great Bow will strike the city of the wicked

and my Great Cat is by my side

..and Artemis said - My beautiful cat and I go stealthily through the night

And misbehavers wake and shed their skin with fright

Artemis said - Don't be fooled my beautiful cat will rip your ear off and have it for an Hors d'oeuvre

And then rip the other one off just to hear you scream

...and Apollo sent his cat to sleep

Ready for the night

... and young Apollo played the flute

and made his young cat sing

And Apollo took his lion home to visit with his father and Zeus said

With children like you around we need have no fear for our future

.. and Athene said - We will not tolerate the poaching vermin

And those who deal in exotic beauty - will be brought to face a terrible justice

..and Athene said to the hunter - When my cat wakes up

She likes nothing better than a good chew, on the carcass of the misbehaver

..and Athene said - I will not allow my cat to die

For the pleasure of the ungodly

Artemis said to the hunter - If you come to close my cat will bite your head of

And the cubs will play with your tail

.. and Artemis said - My small cat loves to eat the snout

Of the dirty sniggering middleman

.. and Artemis said - My Great Cat doth sing her hym

In the mountains of Olympus

.. and Apollo said - I'll go to the mountains with my cat

And we will hunt the unlawful hunters

.. and Apollo said - I put on the cloak of my black cat

And from the night we rip out the throat of the wretched hunters

These pictures are in sequence from 2004.  The Olympians under the age of Eighteen

I'm sorry the Vermin have infected the full screen display on ALL pages 

Now all working Fine thanks to SimpleSite.

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