and Artemis said to the Dealer - My beautiful leopard won't be killed

By those who destroy conscience

and Artemis said to the hunter - If you try to kill my lion he will eat you up

And all that will be found of you will be your fingers and a few intestines

and Artemis said to the Poacher - My Chinese Leopard hunts with her mate

He's a monster blessed by the Gods

and Athene said - I will take my beautiful fellow

And we will hunt the unlawful dealers in Bone

and Athene said to the poacher - My cloudy cat you will not see only feel his claws

As he sinks his teeth into your neck and stifles your last roars

and Athene said to the killers

You've done enough to destroy my cats - your children will be cursed

and Apollo said - I'll go to the city with my Bobcat

And we will drag out the rats and rip out their guts

and Apollo said - In the Jungle of the City the hunter will awake

And find a greater hunter has him by the nape

Apollo with his Tiger paid a visit to his father and Zeus said

When you stand beside the tiger you are not diminished. You please us greatly with your rapid progress

and Apollo said to the Poacher

When my cats grow up we will hunt you down and feed you to the crows

and Athene said to those bent on destruction

You'd be surprised what my small cat can do when she's in a rage

and Athene said - My Hawk and I will scour the heavens

And no warmonger from hell will defy me

Athene - Painting

Athene - Portrait

and Monster said to the Dealer - My mate and I will hunt you down

And have half of you for breakfast and half of you for our supper

and Artemis said - I will borrow Athene's Owl and gain more wisdom

And I remain as unrelenting as ever

Artemis - Painting

Artemis - Portrait

and Apollo said to the Fool

The bones of my Puma won't make you feel strong - we'll hunt you like a frightened calf

and Apollo said to the Dealer - We've had enough of your dirty tricks

I've set my cats to rip your head off

and Apollo said - My Great Bird is a master of the search

We're looking for a likely liver to Peck

Apollo - Painting

Apollo - Portrait

In Sequence

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Hope you like the Pictures

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