and Apollo said to the hunter - This alpha male never fails

When he has the scent of his terrified prey

and Artemis said to the hunter - My great boy may look a bit soft

But he will hunt you down for weeks without stopping

and Athene Said to the hunter - This alpha female will not be denied

She has your foul stench forever - Termination for you

and Athene said to the Bone consumer

My great cats will play you in the river - I will smile at your terror

.. and Artemis said -My beautiful leopard must not become extinct

Or children will never see her when they grow up

..and Apollo said - My beautiful leopard must not become extinct

Or he will die before children grow up

..and Athene said - My beautiful Tiger must not become extinct

Or children will never see him in the wild

and Artemis said to the dealer in bone - You will not escape your guilt

Your headstone will read - Here lie the bones of criminal greed

and Apollo said to the Fool

You are still taking bone that can do you no good - Castration is the cure for you

Athene said to killing fools - Man will stay mired in the swamp forever

When he can see no further than the end of his greedy snout

Athene - Painting

Athene - Painting

Athene said - When man sees something as beautiful as this

He knows he is minute - forever

Artemis said - Those who kill such perfect beauty deserve no compassion

They will be shown no mercy - before they destroy the irreplaceable

Artemis - Painting

Artemis - Portrait

Artemis said to mankind - You are not the great creator

You are the great mechanic the great engineer - That is your function

Apollo said - to preserve great life is the duty of man

To kill the prerogative only of the fool

Apollo said to man - You are the nucleus of the universe in terms of your life form

all life on your planet - How wonderful to be such a thing

Artemis said to modern man - The ignoramus with his foot on the tiger

Is not the picture for you to follow

Apollo said to mankind - You must not allow your dwarfish nature

To dominate your positive actions

Athene said to man - For the first time on Earth

a creature can take a hand in it's own formation - Extinction is not your destiny

Artemis said to mankind - The eyes of heaven and time are upon you

You won't escape your corrupt actions

Apollo said - It is the birthright of every child on Earth

to have the best education mankind can provide -To invest in Failure is todays thinking

Athene said - It's not enough to talk about things you must do something about it

Or scum will float on top forever

In Sequence from 2004

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