and Athene said to the killer of beauty

There will be no profit for you or your family

and Artemis said to the poacher - You see fit to invade my territory

And you will pay the full price if your villainy

Apollo - He possesses every quality that man can desire

And he is the arbiter of everything that men shall receive

and Athene said to the dealer in death

My great boy has you in his sights - you are going nowhere

and Artemis said to the dealer in dirt

My young cat will rip your heart out - and give it to her father

.. and Apollo said to the smiling shyster

Mitzi and Monster hunt at night - Artemis loves them dearly

and Artemis said to the killer of beauty

Come! - I'll give you a ride in my carriage

..and Apollo said to the misbehaver

How would you like a nice ride in my carraige

and Athene said to the persistent offender

Come with me - I'll give you a ride in my fast invention

and Artemis said to destructive minds

When I need to I travel at C+2 - there is nowhere you can ever hide

.. and Apollo said to the stealer of territory

You cannot succeed _ I will chase you to your lonely grave

and Athene said to the planner of theft

I will hunt you to your last refuge - and justice will be laid on you

and Artemis said to the playboy of the spinning world

You like a skin or two do you - Come with me, and I'll show you mine

and Apollo said to the smiling shyster

I outpace my cat - when I want you by the scruff of the neck

and Athene said - When man sees something as beautiful as this

He knows he is minute - forever

Artemis said to mankind - You are not the great creator

You are the great mechanic the great engineer - That is your function

and Apollo said to man - You are the nucleus of the universe in terms of your life form

all life on your planet - How wonderful to be such a thing

Athene said to man - All time before your span knew nothing of you and for all tine thereafter

You will know nothing of and enjoy not one second therein - What you have is this span

Artemis said to all dealers in shame - It seems you cannot change your ways

You will be known for ever as the criminally stupid generation

Apollo said to mankind - There is no need to loose hope one span is over

Of what is to come you know nothing of and in life - Never will know

Athene said to long living man - Creation is not your remit

You will preserve great life not slaughter it - as your ignorant forebears did

Who killed Python

I tamed Python said Artemis

Who killed Python

I Killed Python said Apollo

And now Python and the mighty Dragon

Must be protected said Athene

Olympians in their twenties

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I will soon go into the studio with more models - they are wonderful.

Phillip Davis Olympian | Reply 26.05.2016 18.35

I hope you like the Pictures

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